The Statism Epidemic

To date Statism, has no known vaccine and consumes the minds of 60-90% of people who contract it. It is transmitted via early contact with people with delusions of power, with the most common transmission being from parents to child. Once infected it is nearly impossible for the victim to know the delusions they suffer from. Symptoms of Statism include hallucinating lines or borders on landmasses, paranoia of people crossing these borders, believing people are better or worse than people on the other side, and pissing the colors of their state flag.

Within a nation-state people conceptualize separate smaller states, divide into political parties, associate them with colors, and draw conceptual party lines over issues of morality. The Statist believes that force should be applied in whatever direction suites their identity. The afflicted believe in laws and rights like fundamental physical properties of the universe. They treat the legal system as starting and ending points of reasoning. Rights become entitlement, and laws become bounds on freedom.

People with Statism suffer from the mass delusion of social structure, of rules and rulers called “The State.” The rulers within The State are agreed to have a monopoly on force on a given area. The moral authority to use force is granted to particular people to provide for the common defense, protect freedom, and allocate limited resources. These people are often distinguished by uniform, as in the case of the crown of a king and a badge of a cop. The irony of the delusions is that it achieves just the opposite of what it intends, while convincing people that it is necessary to solve to original social problem it exacerbates. The fallacy of their fantasies is that it is both good and necessary that people kill, kidnap, and thieve if they employed by the military or the IRS.

The State is a fiction that says good is accomplished through force. Yet most who believe in this, see themselves as decent, hardworking individuals. They are the same as most people. They follow the same sleeping patterns. They require the same nutrients. Every day for them is exactly the same. They wake up slowly and multiply quickly. The political ritual of voting reminds them of not only what’s good and right, but what is invisible. The more they try to achieve freedom through force the more they produce tyranny. Their votes counted; their voices silenced.

Every election further degrades the natural integrity of their mind. You should be forced to give up your money. You should be forced to fund the military. You should be forced to fund and buy insurance or heath care. You should be forced to fund marriage licensing that either includes or excludes gays. You should be forced to use central bank notes. The Statist is stuck in an infinite loop of State failure and political hope. They know they want change and believe the government is the only way to achieve it.

The cure for Statism doesn’t come in a pill, or a vaccine. The only cure for Statism is a common sense morality against mob violence. A world of voluntary interaction – where people freely own private property, form contracts, plan their own lives, and respect the autonomy of others – is possible. If, and only if, there are people who are willing and able to resist violence and see the deception of power for what it is.