Stop Posting Your Bitcoin Address Everywhere

Bitcoin is censorship resistant.
Emphasis on the word resistant.

But your need to post addresses everywhere is destroying own privacy properties.

Yes, I understand that you are supposed to post your public key in public places, that is how you receive payments. But most requests for payment can be made privately.

Realistically, how many of us are getting donations at the wallet we have publicly posted? Of the wallets that you have publicly displayed, how many do you still have the keys for?

Every time you post an address publicly you trade away part of your privacy.

Malicious entities are using tools like blockseer and walletexplorer to track the trail of your funds from one wallet to another. And I can tell you the private analytic tools are only more powerful.

This is what’s going to happen. One day you’re going to want to sell some coin on Coinbase or another exchange. You go to deposit funds, and the exchange looks you up on their glorified black list.

They check the address you gave them against their Crime Prevention Blockchain Investigation List and, you’re done.

They find an address connected to yours that was posted publically by someone, who once bought drugs on the silk road or said mean things on Twitter.

Censorship is already happening.

Bitcoin is not anonymous.

While Bitcoin addresses aren’t necessarily linked to real-world identities, they can be if you go around posting wallets with your selfie attached. This is bad for privacy. Traceable bitcoins could be viewed as “tainted,” and are potentially worth less than other bitcoins, which ruins the fungibility of the entire system.