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It’s June in Berkeley. The weather is amazing and all we want to do is lay around outside and get a tan.

But instead, our news cycle is filled with yet another far-right agitator trying to ruin the summer sun.

I prefer to identify as a center-right Freedom Rider.

Kiara Robles, a Trump supporter and an Oakland resident, filed a lawsuit last Monday against a whole slew of officials and institutions — the UC Board of Regents, Nicholas Dirks, Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín, UCPD, BPD, Monica Lozano, By Any Means Necessary, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and even billionaire investor George Soros, among others. George Soros? He doesn’t even go here.

The sheer scope of this group of defendants is laughable. She’s represented by an attorney from right-wing watchdog group Freedom Watch. They’re attention seekers; they peddle petty conspiracy theories.

I thought journalists were supposed to site their claims. Wouldn’t it help your argument to have included citations? Even I include citations, and this is a Github hosted personal blog.

She’s alleging that campus and university officials violated federal law and campus policies during the handling of the Feb. 1 Milo Yiannopoulos campus protest, where Robles was attacked with pepper spray and bear mace by masked assailants.

Alleging? You can view more about the filed complaint here.

Black Lives Matters protesters are tear gassed and beaten up plenty and they don’t get a penny. In fact, people often even tell them it’s their own fault for protesting.

Black Lives Matter is a 501C3 nonprofit that recived over 275 tons worth of pennies from the Open Society Foundation (founded by George Soros) last year.1

Robles and her lawyers want to make Berkeley a spectacle of liberal hypocrisy…

I don’t want to make Berkeley a spectacle—it is one.

but the suit is just wasting what little energy students and faculty have after another insurmountable school year.

The gravitational forces from your self-centeredness is orbiting the rest of the country around Berkeley. You are studying at the most privileged public universities in the country. I don’t believe you are so weak that to crumble at the first sign of conflict.

The UC is already broke as it is, and these litigation fees are probably a bit taxing on students’ rights to their educations. Robles isn’t even a UC student, what gall does she have to tell us what to do on our campus?

I have the gall of a voting taxpayer. Even if you did have a right to a government subsidized education, which you don’t, wouldn’t be advantageous to your argument to make the continual case to the country as to why this was a worthwhile investment?

Eighty-two percent of papers in the humanities are never cited, not once.2 Academics write papers to satisfy their own existence. The libraries buy the papers because they have too. The papers sit on the shelves collecting dust because no one reads them, and taxpayers are forced to finance this environmental waste.

Funding the next generation of entitled elite is up for public debate for as long as you continue to receive public funding.

Robles and her lawyer, Larry Klayman, claim she was discriminated against because of her sexual orientation. They seem to be trying to make fun of liberals, using a politicization of Robles’ identity and playing liberals at their own game, so to speak.

Identity politics is the only world you know. You are incapable of understanding why or how any minority group could disagree with liberalism on the basis on the issues. Because you believe race, gender, and class trumps every other consiveable issue. I reject that notion.

But plenty of marginalised groups face actual systemic discrimination and prejudice (happy Pride month, by the way, to those still marginalized within the queer community by people such as Yiannopoulos and Robles).

You mentioned liberal hypocrisy above. I would remind you that in any other context you would view, public beatings in the street as discrimination and prejudice. As for the word “systemic”, you might be too far gone to realize how indoctrinated you are. But for everyone else reading I would take note of the language here. Systemic is a word people use when they can’t make a signific claim of discrimination or prejudice because the claim is completely unfounded.

The video of Robles being pepper-sprayed speaks volumes to her character and to the nature of this entire situation. Tensely, with her Make Bitcoin Great Again hat perched atop her head, she spews generic right-wing nonsense at the interviewer until she’s pepper-sprayed.

Good use of quotes there. Great journalism. Such wow.

Do you think if my views had been less “generic right-wing” the “protester” would have been more or less inclined to mace me?

I was there to attend a public speaking event. Quote, “Props to all the people who are here protesting peacefully, but I think that’s a very rare thing indeed..”. 3

Students are honestly exhausted from all these national conservative organisations coming in and trying to turn our home and our lives into some inaccurate national spectacle. We’re not even doing anything newsworthy anymore. Just let us be. Sheesh!

To the sane people reading this, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that the baby boomers have raised a generation to view politics as a burden that gets in the way of their tanning time. Know that some of us millennials are paying attention. We’re not all this ditsy and degenerate.

And while we’re at it, move out of Oakland, too, Ms. Robles. Trump supporters definitely don’t fit in in this historically progressive city.

I’ve always been proud to live in the most diverse city in the country, but I’m starting to realize that this place isn’t that diverse at all. Berkeley is a monoculture of liberalism, which measures the superficial diversity of skin color and prioritises it over any depth and diversity in thought. No one believes you really want diversity, you want a place with shared values just like everyone else. The contradiction is that a culture of shared values is antithetical to diversity.

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No more virtue signaling, no more trolling. None of this “not wanting to give people a platform” rhetoric. If you are going to advocate for an immigration policy against me publically, you ought to be more than capable of debating me publically.

If we can have a public debate on campus on the topic of immigration, justice versus social justice, or free speech versus hate speech I will personally donate 1 Bitcoin to Black Girls Who Code to support education in the STEM fields.

Holly Secon

The opinion editor at The Daily Californian Holly Secon, is clearly a beauty. But does she have brains?