Everything is Propaganda #1

Now and then I read Breitbart, The New York Times, or even CNN for a few chuckles. I don’t expect to get any substantial news from these sites. I expect to see political guns drawn.

Journalism today represents a kind of school for adults. Its a means of softly shifting the readers into the authors and organizations way of thinking. This may not be conscious on behalf of the author, but its the natural result of pushing a narrative, while optimizing for clicks, and attempting to keep the illusion of objectivity.

From each headline you can see what the MSM implied lesson of day is.

CNN headlines from today reads:

Teacher accidentally fires gun, injures student

Lesson: Teachers are irresponsible guns owners, and will only hurt students if armed.

Guaranteed if Trumps administration gets teachers armed in classrooms we would see an article like this serveral times a day.

A woman risks her comfortable life to shelter an undocumented mother

Lesson: Heros are willing to risk comfort in saving illegal immigrants.

I love it when journalists doubt themselfs. There’s a passive lack of commitment in the word comfort. Why risk comfort? Why not risk everything? If sheltering criminals is the right thing to do, why be subtle about it?

Reporter’s eyeroll goes viral

Lesson: Virality is news, and eye rolls matter.

No discussion about what caused this sensation, all you need to know is that eye rolls and sass are valid forms of political debate at CNN.