RSA Encryption With Primes

Security is about layers of difficulty. Nothing is full proof. But some methods of encryption have more layers of difficulty than others. Before computers, simply shifting the characters in the alphabet over some spaces was sufficient to stump most prying eyes. This is known as the Caesar cipher method, its implementation on in most computer programing languages uses the modulus operator to shifts the message over by a factor of a key and rotates around the alphabet in ASCII values.

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Economic Concerns over the Bitcoin-XT Hard Fork

A Response to“Why Bitcoin is Forking

Everyone involved in the bitcoin community, whether they hold half a bitcoin or a thousand wants to see bitcoin grow in users and in value. No one is debating the desire to advance, we’re debating exactly how the advancement should be achieved. If you consider bitcoin a legitimate currency, you are necessarily accepting a broader definition of money that has ever existed before. Because Bitcoin is not only a store of value, it’s a digital payment system.

Fundamentally this question exposes ideological differences between people interested in Bitcoin. Is Bitcoin > more of a digital gold or is it more of a competitor to Square?

Gavin Andresen

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A Proof-of-Existence Without Aliens, Ghosts, or God

Proving the exclusive rights to a document, while simultaneously guaranteeing the state of its existence, is all possible without mysticism or deities for anyone who is holding Bitcoin. Rants about bitcoin and the blockchain potential seem never ending. Bitcoins use in SSL certificates, distributed email, micropayments, crowdfunding, smart property all stretch far beyond its popularity and primary use as a currency. And as is true for any significant claim of mysticism or deities, a technology capable of proving existence, ownership, and integrity it is going to require a significant amount of explanation.

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