How To Tell The Truth

Often I feel like I’m censoring myself, and this is a problem because censorship is not exactly conducive to great communication. At its best, the truth comes out clear, pointed, and direct. At worst it comes out insensitive, rude, and clearly for my own amusement. More often it comes out somewhere in between, dancing around the inoffensive and the somewhat vague notion of any worthwhile conclusions.

Truth is the art of poetry and the science of comedy.

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A Womans Perspective on The Google Manifesto

Diversity is very a dangerous topic…

For a number of reasons:

  1. A Google engineer was recently fired for it discussing it.
  2. There are nightmarish regulations around it. These can be emotionally taxing and expensive.
  3. Nearly everyone agrees we ought to strive for a meritocracy and “hire the best person for the job,” but no one wants to have the conversation as to if diversity quotas are good or bad for a system of meritocracy.
  4. If people within an institution feel that they don’t have shared values, it damages their ability to cooperate.
  5. If you can’t cooperate, you don’t have a company.

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