About Me

Kiara Robles is a writer, programmer, and social media personality. She’s known for evangelizing Bitcoin with her iconic “Make Bitcoin Great Again” cap.

Kiara’s blog started in 2014, and initially covered Bitcoin and programming content. However, in February of 2017, she has pivoted towards political content. Kiara grew up in the Bay Area of California. She opted out of a secondary degree and focused her self-directed education in philosophy, economics, and programming.

Media and Views

Describing her political beliefs, Kiara labels her self a conservative-leaning libertarian or anarcho-capitalist.

In a June 2017 interview with San Francisco Chronicle Robles said:

“The identity politics of the Left is so damaging to everyone involved. Social justice warriors prey on the weak and make them weaker. They tell people who are struggling that there is nothing they can do, it’s not their fault, then they bribe them with other people’s tax dollars. The Left turns people into victims and their politicians walk away the victors.”