How to Use Death as a Catalyst for Personal Growth

Spoiler alert, you are going to die.
And that’s just one of lifes brutal truths.

For years at a time, we can easily forget that death is real and take life for granted. People like to think they have plenty of time, so they ignore the day to day reality of death. I was recently reminded of this fact.

These are some of the things I’ve learned about grieving in the process.

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Active Listening by Carl Rogers

I had a teacher once ask me if I heard him or if I was listening?

Active Listening by Carl Rogers is the most succinct book I’ve read on listening. And the only book I’ve ever read, that’s dedicated to the topic of listening entirely.

Most books on communication focus on speaking, persuasion, and rhetoric. Speaking is seen as the active half of communication, whereas listening is considered passive. The dismal standard that qualifies as listening today sits somewhere above, I’m not currently looking at my phone and not far below, I hear you, but this is why you’re wrong.

There is a subtle art to connection that we’ve lost in the medium of technology and the dominance game of winning and losing arguments.

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Everything is Propaganda #1

Now and then I read Breitbart, The New York Times, or even CNN for a few chuckles. I don’t expect to get any substantial news from these sites. I expect to see political guns drawn.

Journalism today represents a kind of school for adults. Its a means of softly shifting the readers into the authors and organizations way of thinking. This may not be conscious on behalf of the author, but its the natural result of pushing a narrative, while optimizing for clicks, and attempting to keep the illusion of objectivity.

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An Antidote to Materialism // The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung

As a consequence of reading The Undiscovered Self by Carl Jung, I’ve ordered three more of his books and sat here staring at the wall for roughly the amount of time it would take to read the entire book two times over. This is not a book for literary escapism.

This book is not a cure, but the first dose in a treatment for materialism.

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How to Read Dangerously - Part I

I was with a friend who was notably hangry yesterday and she suggested getting something to eat. We were out running errands and I had already eaten my emergency packet of honey peanut butter so I wasn’t terribly hungry at this point. Still, the suggestion of In-N-Out Burger was enough to get me in the car. After 30 mins of trying to maintain an engaged conversation while simultaneously listening for our number being shouted across the room. We obtain the object of our salivation.

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